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UPDATE: Ottawa Tourette Trek 2022 will be going Virtual

After much consideration, we have decided to Trek virtually this year.

There was much damage caused to our Trekking area by the storm this past weekend and we feel that this is the safest thing to do. With the continued disruption of hydro service and many roads still blocked, we do not want to further disrupt efforts of the first line responders that are in dire need at the moment. Traffic lights in the surrounding areas are not working could potentially put some of our Trekkers in danger at certain intersections.

We are notifying everyone on our end via social media; however, can you please share this with all your supporters and teammates as well.

And so with your individual virtual treks, we ask that you stay safe; spread awareness and be creative! Send your pics to Or post them on our Facebook page, Tourette Ottawa. We look forward to seeing your photos. #trekfortourette #touretteawareness #tourettecanada #tsottawa #touretteottawa #tealfortourette

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