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National Support Groups

Please contact Tourette Canada for times and locations neatest you.

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Comprehensive Behavioural Intervention (CBIT) Sessions


Recommended books



Movies/ Videos

TV Shows

“You Can’t Ask That” (

Each episode asks a group of people with the same disability the awkward, inappropriate or uncomfortable questions you are too afraid to ask. It’s an audacious, touching and funny series that is guaranteed to challenge everyone’s assumptions about life with a disability.


Often mocked and stigmatized for their disability, our participants with Tourette syndrome answer questions about what life is like living with what is often mistakenly called “the swearing disease”.

“Employable me” (

This six-part documentary series features job-seekers determined to show that having a physical disability or neurological condition shouldn’t make them unemployable. Each episode features two individuals from the Greater Toronto Area or Montreal who want nothing more than to find steady employment. Each is living with vision loss or a neurological condition such as Tourette’s, Asperger’s or Down syndrome, or ADHD. It isn’t always easy but each job seeker is determined to find their passion.


Diagnosed with Tourette syndrome, Melissa is trying to find a job where she can feel accepted. Matt’s ADHD makes it a struggle to maintain focus.
Melissa is an author and animal-lover who has been diagnosed with Tourette syndrome. Her swearing outbursts have made it challenging to find a job where she can feel comfortable and accepted. Matt is highly educated and motivated but his ADHD makes it a struggle to maintain focus in a work environment. Will their sheer perseverance along with professional advice help them to achieve their career goals?
Aired: November 09, 2017. Viewers discretion is advised. (PG-13)

Centre for ADHD Awareness, Canada

CADDAC is a national, not-for-profit, organization providing leadership and support in awareness, education and advocacy for ADHD organizations and individuals across Canada.

For more information:

Learning Disabilities Association of Canada

The right to learn, the power to achieve

LDAC is a national, non-profit organization founded in 1963 and incorporated in 1971. The organization works with and supports the provincial and territorial associations as the national voice for persons with learning disabilities and those who support them.

For more information:

Camp sTic Together


A camp for children with Tourette Syndrome, where campers develop a supportive network of friends they can relate to throughout the year, and an increased confidence and resilience.

This year’s dates are: Sunday August 21 – Friday, August, 26, 2022 (Session#8)

For information on the Camp sTic program, visit Camp Maple Leaf website.

or Download the Camp sTic Brochure (PDF)