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TIC TALK with Brandon and Jimmy (Tourette Ottawa Podcast)

Tourette Ottawa’s Tic Talk Podcast Dynamic Duo

Meet Brandon and Jimmy, the fabulous dynamic duo behind the voices on Tourette Ottawa’s newly launched podcast.

Currently available on Podbean, Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube.

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Episode 15: Accommodations and Tourette’s Syndrome

On this episode, (Podbean/ Spotify/Apple music/YouTube) the guys discuss Tourette Syndrome accommodations in education, and their impact on kids with Tourette’s.

Episode 14: Tourette Syndrome Life – Schedule, Routine, Discipline, and More

On this epidsode, (Podbean/Spotify/Apple music/YouTube) the guys discuss life with Tourette Syndrome – dealing with schedules, routines, discipline and more.

Episode 13: Management Techniques – Part II

On this episode, (Podbean/Spotify/Apple music/YouTube) the guys discuss management techniques. Reinforcing the basics like breathing, and cutting yourself some slack.

Episode 12: Living with Tourette Syndrome

On this episode (Podbean/Spotify/Apple music/YouTube), the guys are join by Kyra and Cindy, a powerful duo from rural Ontario. Kyra discusses her Tourette Syndrome and how it affects her, and Cindy shares her experience through the lens of a Mom of a daughter with TS.

Episode 11: Dr. James Brazeau on Tourette Syndrome, Tic Disorders, and Tourette Stigma

On this episode (Podbean/Spotify/Apple music, YouTube), the guys are lucky to be joined by Dr. James Brazeau, Dr. Brazeau has a PhD in Clinical Psychology and specializes in Tic Disorders and Tourette Syndrome. He is one of the few Clinical Psychologists who specializes in Tourette Syndrome, and has incredible insight into the science, and treatment of Tourette Syndrome.

Episode 10: Tourette Syndrome Lessons Learned, Comedy, and More

On this episode (Podbean/Spotify/Apple music/YouTube), the guys discuss the Lessons they’ve learned dealing with Tourette Syndrome, the relationship between Comedy and Tourette Syndrome, and more. Thanks for listening!

Episode 9: Tourette Syndrome Science

On this episode (Podbean/Spotify/Apple music/YouTube), the guys discuss some of the commonalities in the literature behind Tourette Syndrome, and give there two cents on the various studies.

Episode 8: Parenting Tourette Syndrome with Erin McEwen, Tourette Ottawa President

On this episode (Podbean/Spotify/Apple music/YouTube), the guys talk with Erin McEwen, Erin is the President of Tourette Canada’s Ottawa Chapter. She has established a succesful, unique and Tourette-Specific parenting style that has allowed her daughter to realize her potential. We look forward to talking with Erin again!

Episode 7: The Public Perception of Tourette Syndrome (and Why It Needs to Change)

In this episode (Podbean/Spotify/Apple music/YouTube), the guys discuss the public perception of Tourette Syndrome, and the knowledge that they believe should be commonplace.

Episode 6: Tourette Syndrome Management Techniques – Part 1

In the first episode of this series, the guys discuss Jimmy’s 5 main management techniques/goals. From nutrition, to sleep, to owning your TS, Jimmy lays it all out there with hopes that these strategies can help anyone struggling with their symptoms.  Episode 6 (Podbean/Spotify/Apple music/ YouTube).

Episode 5: Tourette’s Syndrome 101 With Guest Jill Bobula

On Episode 5 (Podbean/Spotify/Apple music/YouTube), the guys sit down with former President of Tourette Canada’s Ottawa Chapter and long time volunteer, Jill Bobula. Jill describes her journey with TS from first learning what it was, to becoming a powerful advocate.

Episode 4: Maladie des Tics: A Brief History of Tourette’s Syndrome

On episode 4 (Podbean/Spotify/Apple music/YouTube) the guys discuss the history of TS and Gilles de la Tourette and some interesting TS facts. They also express their opinions on where the medical community is currently at with respect to treatment of TS.

Episode 3: Owning Your TS With Kevin Smith

On this episode 3 (Podbean/Spotify/Apple music/YouTube), the guys sit down with PhD student Kevin Smith to discuss his experience with TS. Kevin also dives into his very interesting research.

Episode 2: Diagnosis Tourettes

In episode 2  (Podbean/Spotify/Apple music/YouTube), Brandon employs a diagnostic tool to determine if Jimmy does in fact have TS…unfortunately the results are not surprising.

This episode includes a lot of information about different tics and what can be considered a tic. The guys also chat about what constitutes a TS diagnosis.

Episode 1: How it Started… How’s it Going

In the first episode (Podbean/Spotify/Apple music/YouTube) of Tic Talk Jimmy and Brandon go way back and discuss their experience with TS. The guys talk about their favorite and least favorite tics, and Jimmy shares a deep expression of his feelings about TS in general.